Unbelievably, it was only three weeks ago that we did an article on the ‘Best Places to Stay Warm’ in Camden Town. This week, however, the sun is out in full force. How incredible!

Now that the sun is out it’s time to give you our top things to do and places to see in this glorious weather.

  1. Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is one of the most stunning attractions in London and during the warmer months many people flock to its natural beauty to soak up the sun. Hang out by the ponds, take the children to the play areas, or have a picnic near the London Zoo. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen.

Regents Park sun

  1. Primrose Hill

Quite possibly the best view of London, the top of Primrose Hill is a place to visit. Take in the views, simply relax with the other visitors, and get your Instagram ready for some spectacular photos.

primrose hill
Primrose Hill. Photo by Royal Parks
  1. Band of Burgers

They make excellent burgers, serve fresh drinks, and it’s a cool environment. A highly recommended place to stop in, get some food and cool down, before hitting the Camden markets again.

band of burgers milkshake

  1. The Stables Market

The obvious choice as much of it is under cover. Visit the antiques market at the back – it’s underground so usually cooler there. Quite a lot of the vintage goodies are quite spectacular too!

Camden Market World Cup

  1. Grab a bubble waffle

Bubble Mania is located right next to Camden Underground station and they serve delicious bubble waffles. They’ll happily put some fresh fruit on the top so make you appreciate the summer vibes.


  1. Drummond Street for Indian / Bangladeshi food

Air conditioning is our friend in the hot months. Fortunately, many of the restaurants on Drummond Street not only serve delicious food, they have air conditioning too. The best Indian / Asian food in London? We’d say to.

Drummond Street Chutney's

  1. The Lock Tavern

Beer garden at the back, roof terrace, a nice open bar area to serve the coldest pints imaginable. The Lock Tavern is right across the road from the Stables Market and has an impressive selection of drinks.

Lock Tavern Bar

There you have it. Stay cool!

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