The World Cup is nearing its end, and we’ve got everything in place to make sure everyone gets to watch the final. Here are our Top 5 places to watch the remaining matches in Camden Town.
  1. Camden Market

Camden Market’s outdoor screen in the Stables Market has everything you need – food stalls all around, deck chairs, and a huge screen. Let’s get ready… football’s big match is coming!

Camden Market World Cup

  1. The Monarch

Football and beer, what a great combination. At The Monarch they make all our dreams come true. Get your pint and get cheering!

The Monarch World Cup

  1. FEST Camden

FEST Camden will show the remaining matches at their roof terrace. Every game shown live, and with the last match on Sunday things are getting exciting.

Fest world cup

  1. Edinboro Castle

They’ve got one of the biggest beer gardens in the area, and they really don’t mind if you cheer at the top of your lungs with each goal that goes in.

  1. The Sheephaven Bay

7 plasma screens, 2 bars, 3 different seating areas. The Sheephaven Bay could well be the place to have the biggest celebrations since 1966.

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