Coworking in Camden is becoming more popular than ever, with people starting to get tired of sitting in the Starbucks or Costa with distractions and noise. The Studio has opened up (and by the way, they have great coffee too) to be a working space for freelancers, creatives, and part-timers.

“Create. Collaborate. Connect” is a mantra that Eric Asare came up with for The Studio. To Eric, running The Studio is far more than just a job. His main objective is to help members achieve their own goals, and to take Camden’s innovative, creative spirit to the next level while he’s at it.

“Working with clients and finding new ways to collaborate has always been my greatest motivation,” says Eric. “It’s all about providing the right kind of support, and sometimes that means taking an entirely new approach or building a different method.”

The Studio MD Eric Asare

Eric explains: “I’ve seen so many coworking spaces where the members are just members… nobody knows their names or provides support. You may as well work from home or in a cubicle, and a lot of people feel like they’re just a number.

“I want to build a forward-thinking community where creativity can thrive and people support one another. When I met Andrew Dawood, our co-founder and the founder of D2W, we realised we shared a vision, and we decided to turn this space into a very special kind of coworking environment.”

The Studio Worker

At The Studio, the team make a serious effort to know everyone’s names, what they do, and what they need from their space. The team is also making a point of organising workshops and guest speakers to add real value and help members with the skills and advice they need to be even more successful.

Located at The Studio is ‘Switchee’, who have designed a smart connected thermostat designed to help affordable housing providers fight fuel poverty. It switches off the heating when nobody’s home, requires minimal programming or settings from the residents, and even prompts them to turn down the heating when the rest of the neighbourhood is using less. Founder Adam Fudakowski says, “We love the atmosphere here. Having London’s biggest 3D printing works (D2W) downstairs adds to the feeling of innovation and creative tech, and it’s an exciting place to be. Having our own office feels completely different too – we were in an open-plan space before, but this was the right time to move to a private office and still have the buzz of the Studio around us.”

Adam Fudakowski Switchee
Switchee’s CEO, Adam Fudakowski

Visit The Studio for a look around if you’re looking for a desk space or a more permanent location for your business or services.

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