Kurt Cobain’s guitar that he used for MTV Unplugged has just sold for an extortionate amount. It reminded us of when Nirvana played at a pub just up the road.

That’s right, the mighty Nirvana played at a pub in their early days. Quite possibly their first ever London gig. The pub in question was The Bull & Gate in Kentish Town.

Who remembers the Bull & Gate? From the 80’s until the end in 2013, Bull & Gate was one of London’s must-play music venues. So many bands, local and international, took to the stage. Nirvana rocked the stage, which was unusually high off the ground for a small venue. The dirty, sticky carpets were beer soaked, and Cobain threw out his lyrics in anger and emotion.

The pub was built in 1871, and still stands, however under new ownership. No more music venue, just drinks and food.

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