A new retail scheme is planned for Hawley Wharf which is situated right next to the famous Camden Stables Market.

The investment firm, LabTech, has unveiled plans to invest and update the area known as Hawley Wharf which will see the development of an area that makes up 580,000sq ft.

The 30 railway arches will be restored as well as the existing warehouse buildings.


Already planned to open in summer 2019, the newly developed area will have 150 retail spaces and the largest farmer’s market in North London. In addition there will be more than 60 food and drinks locations, 195 new apartments, 60,000 ft of co-working space and entertainment space.

Coliers International will oversee the leasing the retail spaces for food and drink.

Hawley Wharf Camden
A CGI impression of the new Hawley Wharf layout

With the new development and shopping and eating locations the annual visitor numbers to Camden is expected to reach 50 million per year by 2020.

LabTech say that they are looking to take Camden “back to what it had before and creating what it is so famous for”.

Get ready for a new look and more vibrant Hawley Wharf.

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