Pancake Day is here. To many this is the best day of the year (us included). Here’s how you can get the perfect pancake.

What’s that, you’re expecting a pancake recipe? We could have done that. A few eggs, some milk (oat milk, please, we’re trying to save the environment), some of that white fluffy stuff, whisk, pour in a pan, flip. Add strawberries.


For the best pancakes on Pancake Day you’re in for a real treat. Camden Town and Camden Market has some of the best pancakes around. Let’s face it, they’ll be better that your homemade attempts. I mean, flipping a pancake is fun but it’s not too great when your flatmates come home to see something stuck to the ceiling.

Right, back to business. Want a good pancake? Head over to Dutch Pancakes at Camden Lock Place, Crêpes à la carte just on Kentish Town Road, or The Creperie in the Stables Market. La Ferme towards Primrose Hill has specially made pancakes too. Holy heck their pancakes are good.

There you have it. No posh pancake recopies here. Just some awesome recommendations. Get down to Camden Town for a pancake.

If you do make some pancakes at home, invite us over. Please? We’ll bring maple syrup and raspberries.

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