It’s a Sunday, a good day for a burger, right? Wanting something good, it’s time to visit the Gordon Ramsay Street Burger, a new chain set up by the chef himself.

Upon arrival, nobody there to greet. Eventually a server comes, leads us to a table. As we sit down, they’re standing there ready to take the order. How about a few minutes to look at the menu first? Quick decision made, “Two Oreo milkshakes, please.”

The table had not been wiped particularly well which, during Covid times, you’d expect a thorough clean.

No sign of the milkshakes, call the server over to ask where they are, and to order two burgers. One O.G.R burger and one Butternut Bhaji burger should do the trick.

Two empty glasses on the table, waiting to be filled with tap water. The tap water doesn’t arrive. No milkshakes yet either.

A server comes to the table to the left and eventually says, O.G.R burger and Butternut Bhaji burger? The people look confused, and I get the server’s attention, “Those are for us.” Burgers placed down on the table. “Excuse me, we’re still waiting for the milkshakes,” to which the server said they would get them right away.

Burgers almost finished, still no water, still no milkshakes. Raise hand, “Excuse me, where are the milkshakes, we are still waiting. Also, could we please get some water?” The wait continues.

The server eventually returns with some tap water. “Where are the milkshakes?” “Oh, sorry, I have an iPad which enters the order but it’s not working, so your milkshakes aren’t ready, I’ll get them now.”

After 10 minutes, still no milkshakes. Lean back to get a passing server’s attention; “Excuse me, we ordered two milkshakes over 35 minutes ago, could you please get them?” The server nodded and just walked away.

The first server returned, “Any news on the milkshakes?” “Yes, let me check for you.”

The burgers have long been finished, and guess what eventually turns up? Two Oreo milkshakes. Or, more precisely, some whipped cream with an Oreo crushed on top. No ice cream, not cold, nothing. Seriously, Gordon Ramsay?

The table to the left ask where their drinks are. Their food arrives, and one says to the other, “These chips are so cold.” A group of four people arrive and sit on the table to the right. They wait for someone to take their order, but after looking at the state or their table they decide to leave. At least give it a clean before seating people there.

It continues…

First person has finished the burger and fries. The server comes to clear the plate, and takes the plate of the other person WHO WAS STILL EATING. Fries only half eaten, clearly still eating and the plate gets taken. With needing to say, “Excuse me, this person is still eating, could you please bring back their food?” they place the plate back down.

After a below average burger, and a milkshake that really shouldn’t allowed to be called that, it’s time for the bill. It doesn’t come, so we ask for it.

A few minutes later the bill arrives and it put on the table. “This isn’t our bill, we didn’t order this” and the server (a different one this time) looks confused. He’s more interested in showing a photo of him with a famous singer that was taken in 2007. In fact, he showed the same photo to the group of four people who’d left about ten minutes earlier.

That server returns about five minutes later with the right bill. Well, not completely right, as it had something on there that wasn’t ordered. £4 for mixed nuts? “That’s not our bill, we didn’t order that or get that.”

Server looks confused (again). Another ten-minute wait. Correct bill finally arrives.

The table next to us tries to order their food. They are shouting at the server because the music is so loud. The server explains that the speaker is right above their head and there’s nothing he can do about it. The music throughout the whole Gordon Ramsay Street Burger restaurant is way too loud anyway.

Pay for the bill, wait for it, £48 for two burgers and two milkshakes. This place is not ‘Street Food,’ it’s a seated restaurant with Gordon using the marketing hype to latch on to that modern-hyped trend.

The burgers were really not good. You can get a much better burger from any food stall in Camden Market. Rudy’s Dirty Vegan, V Burger, or Baba G’s burger if you want that Indian flavour. Not what you’d expect from a Ramsay burger, shockingly average. Honestly, not worth the money.

Don’t forget about the whipped cream with crushed Oreo milkshake. Worst. Milkshake. Ever.

It’s a very rare occasion when one thinks “Thank god the meal is over so we can get out of here.” Poor food, poor service, dirty environment, loud music, iPad ordering system that doesn’t work, not bringing tap water, a total mess.

Imagine if this was an episode of Hell’s Kitchen? If this is the standard of food and service that Gordon Ramsay is offering his clients, forget about it. This deserves to be exposed.

But wait, there’s more. Yes, unbelievably it’s true. Just when you thought the experience couldn’t get worse.

After all that, get up to leave the restaurant, get to the front door, and a woman walks towards the front door and pukes on the floor. Right there. It’s like a fine send off from Ramsay himself saying, “You just paid £48 for this, make sure that you never ever come back.”

Warning to anyone thinking about trying the Gordon Ramsay Street Burger restaurants. Don’t. For the love of live, please don’t even think about going. It’s a total embarrassment to the food and restaurant industry. You’ll get way better food and service from your local independent pub or restaurant that this absolute disaster.

You’ve been warned.

Rating:  0 / 10.

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