Many visitors from across Europe will arrive in London at one of its airports. For the tourists flying to and from Stansted Airport, your trip to Camden has started even before you hit the Northern Line.

Travel concessions business SSP has opened a new food and drinks concept called Camden Bar & Kitchen at Stansted Airport.

The new restaurant can seat up to 350 people over two storeys with a take-away service on the lower floor and full service restaurant upstairs.

Camden Bar and Kitchen Stansted airport

The concept has been inspired by Camden Town and its markets with street food. In fact, a number of street food vendors from Camden will operate, beginning with Baba G’s spiced bhangra burgers, and drinks will include beers from Camden Town Brewery.

Burger from Camden Market from Baba G's

Coming to Camden but can’t wait? Try the Camden Bar & Kitchen, then get yourself down to Camden for the real thing.

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