After what seems an eternity, most traders will open their shops in Camden Market again on April 12th.

Many of the food stalls remained open, however all of the other ‘non-essential’ shops have been closed for many months during the pandemic.

Looking for a place to sit while you enjoy your meal or drink? No problem. Camden Market’s outdoor eating areas will all be accessible. The bars and restaurants with an outdoor seating area will also allow customers to sit there.


The shops that will reopen will allow a certainly number of people inside their shops at one time to stay inline with UK guidelines. If there’s a queue, a wait of a few minutes will get you in.

What you need to know:
  • still keep your distance from other visitors
  • you’re allowed to sit at outdoor seating
  • shops will allow a limited number of customers into their shop at any one time
  • takeaway food stalls are open – support them!
  • you are allowed to sit along the canal
  • why not take your food and drinks and walk to Primrose Hill or Regent’s Park?
  • remember to be friendly and grateful – these shops have all had a very tough year

Enjoy your visit! Camden Town is an amazing place in London to enjoy the outside fresh air, see an area with history and art, and in incredible choice of bars, restaurants, markets, and shops.

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