We all love a good farmer’s market, being able to go out and buy the freshest UK produce without having to pay a fortune. Now there’s a farmer’s market right here at Camden Market.

The fruit and vegetables, bread, cheese, fish, pastries and sweets, drinks, and so much more comes to Camden Market on Saturday 8th September, and every Saturday thereafter in the North Yard of Camden Market from 9am – 5pm.

By looking through the list, there really is something for everyone. Bring your shopping bags and come with an appetite, this farmer’s market is going to be fresh!

Gastronomica 一 Deli goods, cheese and vegetables

Bread Winners 一 Rye bread

Good Mood Matcha 一 Hot and cold drinks

The Fresh Fish Shop 一 Fish and seafood to eat there or takeaway

Sesamme 一 Halva and date honey

Sachlav and Malabi 一 Sachlav and Malabi

Leaves and Water 一 Tea and cakes

Vadasz Deli 一 Pickles, Relishes, Kimchi and Sauerkraut

Bread Bread Bakery 一 Sourdough Bakery

Popina 一 Savoury pastry

La Aceituna 一 Olives, baklawa and turkish delight

The Olive Bar 一 Olives

Norah’s Brownies 一 Brownies

The Well Bean Company 一 Chocolate

Vegan Dough 一 Vegan sweets

Galeta 一 Sweet pastries

Ted’s Veg 一 Vegetables

Richard Howard Oysters 一 Oysters

Camden Juice 一 Fresh juice and smoothies

Camden Coffee 一 Freshly ground coffee

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