Boards of Canada’s debut full length album, Music Has the Right to Children, was released 20 years ago. To celebrate this landmark, Jazz Café Camden put on a special night as a tribute.

Music Has the Right to Children was released in April 1998 on WARP Records, and was received with open arms by the electronic music community. Artists such as Aphex Twin and Autechre were pushing the boundaries with futuristic experimental sounds, while Boards of Canada turned back time towards the synth sounds of the 70s. They were inspired by the soundtracks of documentaries from that era. This led them to create one of the most respected electronic albums of our time.

Boards of Canada
Byron Wallen’s Gamelan Orchestra at Camden’s Jazz Cafe

The Jazz Café hosted a tribute concert, fronted by musician and musical director Byron Wallen, who, along with his live band, performed the album with a modern jazzy twist. Byron Wallen’s Gamelan Orchestra took to the stage, adding Asian influenced instrumentation, and reminded the audience of how psychedelic the original album is.

Boards of Canada - Jazz Cafe

The Jazz Café has been hosting tribute concerts to the classic albums, and continue to host some of the best live gigs in Camden Town.

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