Bio Organix owner, Bak, is a winner of the sought-after Camden Inspire Award from 2017. We caught up with him as the Camden Inspire Awards 2018 approaches.
How did you come across the Camden Inspire Awards last year?

I got an email from Georgie and participated. It was great- first time- obviously we got the award and it was very exciting.

How has your experience been ever since? Do you believe it has helped you in terms of growth? I’ve seen the poster on your wall, do you think small things like that helped?

Definitely, it did to some extent, when we got the award we posted on social media and people were appreciative. Whoever voted always asked by email or otherwise that we got it and it was a really nice experience to see people’s engagement. We got very good feedback through the process and my customers were very excited.

Bio Organix

You won the prize for most vibrant retail – what do you think differentiates you from other contestants?

We are slightly different from other contestants because we are an ethical type of business, with a focus on healthy products. I believe that we are differentiated because of the type of products that our store has and our customers can appreciate the healthy, environmental and ethical aspects of our trade.

What do you think it takes to be the most vibrant retail business around?

Number one the vibrant business category has really excited customers who want you to be here, not die quickly. They support your business and allow it to thrive in the community – they are even more enthusiastic than we are! It’s a small business, healthy, natural – those things all play a part in the success of the store! Offering our customers a good service, including a discount, fair prices and be appreciative of your local customer base.


What’s one piece of advice to someone that wants to start a vibrant retail business in Camden?

My advice would be to have the skill and business knowledge, but even more so have the passion and the vision. If you have that, then you can bring the creativity, energy and enthusiasm into your work. Without those elements, the business will tire and persistence will fade away after some time. This is especially true given the challenges of the modern businessman, and the economic struggles. Having passion for your job entails being connected to your customers, and there’s no better way to create strong bonds other than having enthusiasm for what it is that you do.

Camden Inspire Awards

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