Let’s face it, coffee makes the world go around. It keeps us awake and tastes darn good… as long as it is well prepared, that is. As many people are stepping away from the large chain coffee stores to support local (and possibly better tasting) businesses, we’ve been drinking coffee from a local Camden Town coffee shop.

Many people have discovered this place because of their downstairs music venue, however it’s their coffee that makes them a regular pit-stop for many locals. Music & Beans, near Mornington Crescent, has become to go-to for those who appreciate a good cup of coffee.

music and beans coffee 4

They didn’t want to give their secret away, and rightly so; however they did say that they use some of the finest quality beans available, not too strong or bitter, with a smooth silky taste.

At Music & Beans you can have your coffee in or takeaway, and they’re the same price as the chain coffee shops, which would be a reason why so many locals regularly pop in for their morning coffee there.

music and beans coffee 3

They’re on to a good thing at Music & Beans: excellent coffee, fresh lunches and music downstairs. One cappuccino coming up!

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