February. The month of Love. Looking for things to do? We’ve got a few excellent ideas.
  1. Pop-up Boxing Ring

A great way to learn self-control and stay fit, Camden Market will host a Wellness Day centered around mindfulness. There’s also a chance to get in the ring and try boxing, even if you’ve never given it a try before.

camden boxing event

  1. Food, music, coffee

The incredible Music & Beans is one of the coolest new places in town. They’ve got healthy food (salads and Middle Eastern dishes are a must-try) and they host music lessons too. They also have rehearsal spaces for musicians and put on various music events.

music and beans food

  1. Buy some books

Primrose Hill Books is a quaint family-run bookshop. They sell new and second hand books, and their staff are very knowledgeable. Easily a place you can visit and get lost in the ambiance.

primrose hill books

  1. Get a Bubble Waffle

Come out of Camden Town station, turn right, and you’ll see Bubble Mania. How amazing are these bubble waffles? A huge choice of toppings, these treats are simply delicious. Go on… try them.


  1. See a gig at Dingwalls

Dingwalls in Camden is such a wonderful venue. So much history, so many great bands have played there. Visit Dingwalls for yourself, the bands on the bill are always impressive.

  1. Discover New Openings

Camden Town is vibrant, with many activities and shops. As new businesses open their doors we like to be the first to share the news. Check our New Openings section to see who’s new to town.

  1. Visit a museum

There are many excellent museums in the borough of Camden. They are educational, fun, mysterious. See out list of interesting museums in Camden by clicking on the link above.

London Jewish Museum

  1. Breakthrough artist at Jazz Café

Jerome Thomas is a hotly tipped artist, which delves into soul, jazz, folk and R&B music. Catch him at Jazz Café in Camden on February 27th.

  1. Experience vegetarian Indian food

Drummond Street is only a 2-minute walk from Euston station and is home to London’s best Indian restaurants. A favourite of our is Ravi Shankar, a vegetarian Indian restaurant. Tasty and incredible value for money.

Ravi Shankar Drummond Street
Ravi Shankar vegetarian restaurant on Drummond Street
  1. Lego Movie 2

Everything is awesome! We loved the first Lego Movie so much we couldn’t wait for the follow up. It’s now showing at the Odeon in Camden Town. Go watch and feel like a super hero.

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