London is a magical city – full of energy, so much history, architecture, culture, and so much more. During these times, though, it’s a very different place.

Coronavirus has taken London, like the rest of the world, by surprise and has resulted in drastic actions being taken. Being right in the heart of it, we decided to remind everyone why London is such a great city to live in during these times.

  1. The NHS

Now is the time, more so than ever, to be proud of the NHS. London’s doctors, nurses, and support staff are working around the clock to help with testing and caring for those who have contracted the virus. They’re keeping the doors of London’s hospitals open in these difficult times – the true heroes.

  1. Appreciation for the NHS

The appreciation shown towards medical staff has been second-to-none. Many Londoners got together and clapped to show their gratitude for the great work the medical staff are doing.

  1. Social distancing is working

Yes, many Londoners were slow to start off with, but social distancing is a rule that almost everyone it abiding by. Taking a walk to the local Camden supermarket or grocery store and you’ll see this: people staying at least 2m apart.

  1. Transport – for those who need it

The London Underground and the London Bus Network are still running, albeit limited services. These are intended for key-workers; teachers, nurses, people working at food shops and pharmacies.

Camden Town Station

  1. No traffic!

Less noise, less pollution, more space to manoeuvre. Joggers are enjoying it because they can go for a run down the middle of the street to keep away from other pedestrians. Heck, they’ve even had a chance to repaint the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing.

  1. Delivery services

London has a great network of delivery services, with the large shops and smaller local retailers selling online, and you can get it delivered to your front door. Just don’t shake the delivery person’s hand!

  1. You can still support Camden businesses

The food stalls and shops might be closed down in the markets, but a lot of them are still selling through their online stores. Read THIS ARTICLE to see how you can purchase online to keep these amazing stores going through online business.

Camden Lock We're Open

  1. Helping each other

Londoners have shown a real sense of caring and togetherness. From local social media groups offering to do shopping for each other, or at the shops helping the elderly get what they need, everyone is doing their part.

  1. Keeping spirits high

Each time we log in to the Camden Town Instagram Account it’s a real joy to see what other Camden and London people have been up to. Thank you for the laughs, entertainment, and tips and tricks. We’ve even learned some cooking tips from Wildflower restaurant.

  1. You had just one job…

Roadworks are still taking place in some key areas. At Camden Town, either a worker with a wicked sense of humour or poor spelling got the paintbrush in their hand. Whoops.

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