The Black Cap is one of Camden’s most iconic buildings and venues, having first appeared in documents in 1751 under the name the Mother Black Cap after a legend about a witch (yes, really). Around 1965 it became home to many from the LGBT community, and one of the first venues to openly promote drag queen cabarets.

Sadly, The Black Cap has now been closed for 3 years, and the owners, Faucett Inn closed the venue to look to develop it into flats. Truly appalling. So, for almost 3 years we’ve had a boarded up legendary location, right at the Camden Town bus stop. Unsightly, and sad.

However, campaigners are doing their utmost to get the venue reopened. Surely the owners are losing a ton of money by leaving it closed? And, needless to say, we don’t want this building to be turned into flats or a chain coffee shop.

We spoke to campaigners, on a freezing cold Saturday, who are putting up a brave fight. Lazare Lazaro says “We’re here almost every day letting people know what’s happening, we need to save The Black Cap. To many people, this is home.”

So far, because of their campaign, they have managed to:

  • Stop the sale of The Black Cap to a private development company who had planned to turn it into apartments
  • Fought off the lease of the pub to a company who wanted to change the name and make it a part of a chain of restaurants and bars
  • Built substantial media coverage… but they need more
Lazare Lazaro campaigning outside The Black Cap

How can you show your support?

Sign the petition:

You can donate:

Together we can make a strong statement to the powers that be to keep the Black Cap open.

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