Camden Town is one of London’s most vibrant districts, with something going on every day of the week. From gigs, new restaurant openings, events at the market, and all sorts of meet-ups.
Camden Pubs:

Camden has a wonderful selection of pubs, from the traditional to the modern. The World’s End opposite Camden Station is one of the largest pubs in England and has a good selection of beers, wines, and other drinks. For a traditional Sunday Roast the The Golden Lion is one of the best you find. Fancy a cocktail? Have something truly unique at the Ladies and Gents bar.

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The food stalls in the Camden Stables Market are something of a dream for foodies. From the meatiest dishes to vegetarian options, burgers to Mediterranean, you’ll find it all. There’s a huge choice of international flavours too. Have a walk down the high street and side streets, you’ll come across some of the best Indian, Japanese, Asian, Italian, Greek, and French restaurants all in the same area.



Camden is known by many as the home of UK music, with the punk scene but also pop, indie, and classical. Venues such The Dublin Castle are a must-visit because of its history. Green Note on Parkway has an upstairs and downstairs venue, and Roundhouse puts on some of the larger, better-known acts. There are too many Camden music venues to list on this article, but do try to visit as many of them as you can.

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The walk from Camden station to the markets, and then within the markets themselves, can take you a good few hours. Absorb the colours and energy in the markets, get some food, and take as many Instagram photos as you can. A walk up to Primrose Hill is relaxing and gives you a great view of London. Alternatively, walk towards Regent’s Park and spend some time seeing nature at its best. While you’re at it, look out for the amazing street art that you’ll find across Camden.


Camden Market has all sorts of shops, from fashion to gifts and household to music. Pick up some great bargains at the CD / Vinyl shop in the Stables Market, some designer or goth clothing from one of the many shops in Camden, and all sorts of exciting and interesting shops on the streets of Camden.

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Amy Winehouse:

Fans of the late singer are in for a treat, with many commemorations set out in her name. Street art, the famous Amy Winehouse statue in Camden Market, and her old home in Camden are all places that fans gather to remember her by.



Gigs, shows, comedy acts, performances – you name it, Camden has got it. Check our WHAT’S ON section regularly to see what’s happening in Camden Town.


Those are just a few of the highlights. If it’s your first time to Camden – enjoy. If you are a regular you’ll know how exciting and ever-changing Camden Town is.

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