West End shows likely to be cancelled until 2021 with social distancing rules making it impossible to run.

Cameron Mackintosh, producer of productions such as ‘Cats’, ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Phantom of The Opera’ is also a theatre owner. He’s said, realistically, that because of the Coronavirus lock-down and social distancing rules, that theatre goers will have to wait longer to see a play.

Theatres were some of the first to close even before the official lock-down began. To survive, many have asked their ticket holders not to ask for refunds, but instead to consider it a donation. They still have staff and rent to pay, among many other overheads.

Mackintosh also said in a BBC Radio 2 interview that it will likely take a few months for people to feel safe when returning to the theatre.

London’s West End is a historically important cultural center for theatres and arts, and this will be tough times for the small and larger theatres alike.

Looks like we’ll all need to wait a little bit longer to return to theatre plays.

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