Kentish Town City Farm is a hidden gem and within walking distance of Camden Town. It’s worth visiting to see their grounds, animals, and participate in activities.

On Saturdays from 1-3pm there’s the Family Garden Club, for only £2 per person, where you can get your hands dirty with gardening activities.

At 1:30 on Saturdays and Sundays they have Pony Rides, also for £2. These are for young children only.

Kentish Town City Farm donkeys

Kentish Town City Farm is a community charity, and provides educational programmes to schools, and activities for children and adults. They also do yoga and other health activities!

See their donkeys, goats, pigs, chicken, cows, horses and much more, and entry is free.

Visit them at 1 Cressfield Close, off Grafton Road, London, NW5 4BN or their website.

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