We all have our inner Dave Grohl, Lady Gaga, or Pharrell, but have you ever wondered how they go about writing a hit song?

The Tileyard Summer Music Camp is a 10-day intensive and highly practical songwriting and music industry camp, held at Tileyard Studios London, for commercial songwriters, producers and entertainment entrepreneurs.

From the 9th – 20th July (weekdays) you can learn a new skill, or refine your talent to become a hitmaker.

On the camp you will be taught by and collaborate with professional songwriters, producers, artists and industry entrepreneurs based at Tileyard Studios.

tileyard summer camp

Tileyard Studios is the largest professional music community in Europe home to 82 recording studios and 120 music and entertainment businesses including producer songwriters Martyn Ware, Jon Kelly, Paul Whalley, Michael Angelo, Sean Hargreaves, Drew Masters, Goetz Botzenhardt, Nikolaj Bjerre, Emma Stakes, Marli Harwood, Notting Hill Music, Maverick, Marathon Artists, PLATOON and many more.

Sign up to their Summer Camp here.

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