Purezza is to open its doors in Camden Town – the new Vegan Restaurant.

We’ve all done it, gobbled down a pizza because it tastes so darn good, only to regret it the following day. All those calories, all that fat. But behold, a new saviour comes to town!

Purezza opened in Brighton in 2016 and now they bring their pizza making skills to Camden Town. They have a few things in mind, mainly to make tasty and healthy vegan food. Expect to see mouth-watering combinations which includes stir-fried vegetables, sriracha sauce, sprouted beans, fried aubergines, and many more.

Purezza Pizza Camden Town

Their pizza bases caught our eye and taste buds. Notably, sourdough, gluten-free and hemp flour, and their choice of toppings, added to their pizza making expertise, makes Purezza a must-try for any pizza lover. The good news: you won’t get any dripping grease, just pure vegan pizza pleasure.

Sia, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande are just a few celebrities promoting the vegan lifestyle. Why not try it for yourself?

As more people are turning to Veganism, Camden Town is becoming the vegan capital of Europe. With the likes of Young Vegans, Magic Falafal, Hash Green, Temple of Seitan (called Temple of Camden), What the Pitta, VBurger and Club Mexicana, Purezza is joining a strong vegan food community.

It’s our duty and pleasure to try the food in Camden Town and report back. Our bellies are often full, and we can happily report that the vegan food is delicious. Flavours and choice, Camden has excellent vegan food.

Let us know which vegan restaurant in Camden is your favourite!

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  1. Wonderful news! Just returned Stateside from Camden Market in January. Love, love, LOVE that place and all the vegan options. I would like to post this link to my followers and promote this great news of yet more vegan options. We will be back again at the end of summer.

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