Camden Town is cool. Skateboarding is cool. So what’s cooler than a skate shop in Camden Town? We spent the afternoon hanging out at Three Amigos Skate Shop.

You’re quite close to the skate park in Kentish Town. What’s the London skate scene like nowadays?

Yes. we are a five minute walk from Cantelowes skate park. the London scene is pretty diverse these days. There is an 80s revival going on in skateboarding plus you have the hip and trendy skateboarders and the ones in-between so there is plenty of variety!

Three amigos skate shop

All the top brands can be found in your store – which are some of your favourite independent brands?

We stock a few independent brands at the moment. We have Avenue which is a personal favorite; it’s a clean and simple brand. Alex, the owner, has produced boards with photos on the top ply of famous people such as Johnny Rotten and Stevie Nicks and they are of high quality. Another favorite is Hate Boards who have produced decks of disliked people in the world of showbiz and politics such as Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus. The motto being, “skate the hate away!” very tongue in cheek but good fun.

Who are your customers, locals, tourists, or online?

Our customers are mainly locals. Having the skate park up the road is a great help for when people have emergencies. We get a few tourists in being in Camden which can also be good for business. We cater to everyone from beginners to experts so our customer base can be very broad. We have just started a website so we have had a few sales from that as well. That can be found at

3 amigos skate shop

Any famous faces pop in to your store?

We have had the drummer from sepultura in a few times now so we can call him a regular! Also, we had the original drummer from Amazulu come in with her grandson! Also had some rappers and their entourage stop by and spend a lot of money but not being in to that genre of music we were clueless as to who they were! Rocco Richie has been known to call in on the odd occasion too.

Skateboarding in Camden Town

If someone reading this wants to get into skateboarding, what should they look at and what kind of budget?

Firstly, they should look at the kind of skateboarding they are going to be doing. We sell regular skateboards for street, skate park and bowl skating. We can also provide a set up with softer, bigger wheels for cruising about but we don’t sell longboards. We offer complete set ups which are very good quality for entry level skateboards which start at £50 and go up to £90. Our custom completes then start at £96 and everything we sell is compatible with all products through the range.

A happy Three Amigos customer

A happy Three Amigos customer

What are some of your favourite things in Camden Town?

Obviously our shop is a personal favorite and also the skate park! Being music fans also, there are plenty of venues to go and listen to bands. the people around Camden are also very colourful and fun so it’s a good place to hang out and people watch.

Who’s the UK’s Eric Koston or Ray Barbee that we should be looking out for?

That’s a tough one as there are so many good skateboarders in the UK now. We have a shop team made up of five boys and four girls so there is a lot of talent right there. We have Josh Smith who is a very technical skater and Elliott Brown who smashes it in a bowl. On the girls side we have Zaynab Miah who also tears up the bowl and Amanda Perez Cicala who shreds pretty much everything! We have a Facebook page where the whole team is listed if you ever want to check it out.

What can people expect to experience when they visit your skate shop?

We pride ourselves on customer service so hopefully everyone leaves happy. We treat everyone equal no matter what their abilities are and won’t sell anything to anyone that they don’t need. We repair skateboards and like to get local kids involved in that too so they can learn a thing or two. It’s a good fun place to hang out where skate videos are playing all day long and tea and biscuits are a plenty so hopefully that is a good experience for our customers.

If you’re a new skater, or someone who used to skate and thinking about getting back into it, go and visit these guys. They know their trade, and can get you on a board in no time at all.

Visit Three Amigos Skateboard Shop at

Address: 118 Camden Road NW1 9EE

T: 020 7284 4515


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