We all know the British weather stereotype – grey, drizzle, a bit on the cold side. With all the global warming that’s going on (stop denying it, Mr Trump), the UK has just had its hottest April day in a rather long time.

Thursday 19th April saw temperatures in Camden Town reach up to 29C. The visitors enjoyed the sun, lunch time saw workers sit in Regent’s Park. Later on locals visited their nearest beer garden after work. Tomorrow we expect to see a few pink faces from too much sun.

People going crazy with the sunny weather in Camden #camdentown

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The highest recorded temperature for an April day is 29.4C, which was recorded in 1949. This isn’t great news for hayfever sufferers either – all this warm weather brings out the pollen.

This weekend sees the 2018 London Marathon, and that is set to be the hottest marathon day thus far.

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The next few days are set to be warm too – if you’re coming to Camden, don’t forget to have a bottle of water with you on the underground, don’t spend too much time in direct sunlight, and to avoid looking like a lobster some sun cream is highly recommended.

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