American sports culture has had an influence on Europe for many decades. A UK based supplier of American sportswear and memorabilia has come to Camden Market.

The Benchwarmer specialises in NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and college sports apparel, accessories and gifts.

Benchwarmer Racks

Ever wanted a classic Chicago Bulls basketball shirt, or an NY Knicks kit? Get yourself down to The Benchwarmer, where owner, Sammy, will show you some hidden gems.

If you’re anything like us, and think Patrick Ewing is one of the coolest people to ever walk the earth (or should that be ‘jump the earth?’) you will truly love this place. A wide selection of 90’s American sports goodies all in one place.

Benchwarmer tag

They are in The Stables Market, unit D26, and open every day apart from Sundays.

The Benchwarmer is currently the only shop in the UK which exclusively stocks vintage American sportswear and memorabilia. Their expertise combined with the nostalgia and specialist items available to buy make for a unique buying experience.

Visit their website here.

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