The team behind New York Highline will design Camden Highline

The design team of the Camden Highline has been announced.

James Corner Field Operations, the firm behind South Park at Q.E. Olympic Park and New York High Line, in collaboration with vPPR Architects, following a two-stage international competition organised by Colander Associates. They will now work with the local community to re-imagine a three-quarter mile of disused railway viaduct as a new walking route, park and open space for community activity.

Camden Highline Aerial View

Very exciting news for Camden indeed, to have the team behind the famous New York Highline bringing their skills to this new design.

Disused train line that will become a part of Camden Highline

There were 76 entries and all came down to this one final proposal.

The local community will be approached for their input to establish a safe, touristic, convenient, and green approach the the build.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said:  “Camden Highline has the potential to become a really important new asset for the local community in Camden and people across the capital. This is exactly the sort of innovative, environmentally sustainable and locally-driven project which could make an important contribution to London’s recovery from the pandemic. I really look forward to seeing these ambitious plans take shape.”

See the designs and more news here.

The new Highline will bring a lease of life to the railway and provide a scenic and usable route for many local commuters and visitors.

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More lockdown snow expected

It’s time to dress up warm and enjoy more snow.

This Sunday is looking to be a cold one coming up, and snow is predicted too. Londoners are staying indoors during lockdown so the sight of snow will bring some smiles.

Two weeks ago people ventured out to look at the snow and enjoy it. Remember, stick to social distancing rules if you do go out.

It’s predicted to be between 0°C to 2°C on Sunday, so those face masks will come in handy for the cold too.

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Electronic: From Kraftwerk to Chemical Brothers

The exhibition celebrates the cultural impact of electronic dance music in modern day culture, from the very beginning of experimenting with electronic devices up until the modern day. It’s at the Design Museum in west London.

The impressive tour starts with early instruments, with the timeline starting back in 1901 with the experimentation of electricity and voltages to generate sound, until you see the display of the instruments that Daphne Oram of BBC Radiophonic Workshop used for music and sound design.

Experience the music equipment used by the pioneers, by Moog, Roland, Prophet, Korg, and many more – from synths to drum machines.

Immerse yourself in the Jean-Michel Jarre studio setup to be inspired and educated how the great master works.

Rave flyers from New York, Chicago, Berlin, London and Detroit acts as a reminder of the culture that dance music had, and continues to have. The cleverly designer flyers, along with posters and vinyl covers are out on display. Magazine covers too are a reminder of the scene and how clubbers set a part of the popular street scene.

Just a few of the many iconic album covers

Plug in your headphones to listen to some classic tracks, from Coldcut to Bicep, and then move on to the more visual aspect with more album covers, and props and costumes from music videos.

The last experience is in the dark room, with Chemical Brothers’ AV display of ‘Got to Keep On.’ It shows the incredible costumes designed by Kate Tabor, with Chemical Brothers commenting on how design and movement plays an integral part in their music videos and live performance.

Chemical Brothers – costumes from shows and music vidoes

Overall this is an informative, intriguing, and fun exhibition. For any electronic music fan this is a must. Should you? As the classic Moby dance tune is named… “Go!”

Note: during lockdown the exhibition is available as a Virtual Tour until February 14th 2021. To book your tickets click here.

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British Museum turns 262 today!

One of London’s most recognisable buildings and tourist highlights, British Museum, celebrates a landmark.

262 years ago the British Museum first opened its doors. 1759 was the year they let their first visitors in and they estimate that around 360 million people have visited the museum since.

The museum is closed due to COVID regulations, however you can still do a virtual tour through their website.

british museum old

We can’t wait to go back there to experience the spectacular displays in the wonderful building. Happy Birthday British Museum!


Clap for Carers Returns

As the UK has entered lockdown yet again, the clapping for NHS workers will return.

From Thursday 7th January the weekly applauding will take place again. 8pm, every Thursday, hang out your windows or stand by your front door and make some noise for the NHS heroes.

Clap, grab your pots and pans, and show the front-line workers that they are appreciated.

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Drone footage of the Camden Highline route!

Camden Highline is coming! It’ll transform Camden to a New York style highline.

Plans to turn 1.2km of disused railway viaduct into a new elevated park are officially underway.

The Highline will begin at Camden Gardens, home to the pocket park and a 5 minute walk from Camden Town station & the iconic Camden Market. From there, the route proceeds to Camden Road, the widest part of the Highline at 18 metres. This section will be the perfect site for new community activity built into the project.

After this, the route continues for around 500 metres and crosses 3 bridges before arriving at Camley Street. Another 500 metres down and you reach York Way, the final entrance/exit point and a pleasant 5 minute stroll from King’s Cross.

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Happy Birthday Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was born on September 14th 1983. Today we remember the Queen of Camden.

Amy was born in Southgate, north London, to Janis and Mitch Winehouse. Her time on earth was one of creativity and excitement.

Amy got her first guitar when she was 14 after having played on her brother’s guitar. She first appeared on the scene in 2003 with her debut album, Frank.

Back to Black hit the shelves in 2006 and shot her to instant fame. Bigger concerts, a lot of radio play, and interest in her personal life followed.

Amy was regularly seen in Camden, where she lives. Restaurants, pubs such as The Hawley Arms and Dublin Castle were her regular spots to hang out.

On this day we say Happy birthday Amy – the Queen of Camden.

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New Amy Winehouse street art!

Amy Winehouse, the Queen of Camden, has a new street art creation of her.

The artist JXC Designs has taken to the alley just behind The Hawley Arms to make a magnificent Amy mural.

The old brick wall has been turned into a street art masterpiece. Amy Winehouse might have left the building, but she’s still very much a part of Camden Town.

Be sure to open up your Instagram and take a photo in front of this new art, and tag @camdentownlondon

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