Tower Bridge is Stuck!

London’s famous Tower Bridge is stuck open!

Tourists to London are in for a real treat, something rare, as London’s Tower Bridge isn’t closing. It opened earlier to let water traffic through, but with the bridge’s arms pointing upwards, no foot or car traffic can pass over.

Definitely not something you see every day.

Worth a look if you’re in the area!

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Remembering Amy Winehouse: 10 years on

July 23 2021 marks a decade since one of the most talented singers in music history passed away at the age of 27. Amy Winehouse was not just an artist but an iconic, generous, intelligent and a remarkable woman who changed the music and fashion industry forever.

By Alžbeta Bulíková

Her albums (Frank, 2003 and Back To Black, 2006) opened the door to many artists who got inspired by her artistry (Adele, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith..). Amy Winehouse was raised in Southgate, London but later on moved to Camden where she lived until her very last day. Camden was her home and a place that made her very happy and joyful. Once, she described Camden to her father Mitch as her “playground”. From Jazz Café to Hawley Arms, that’s where you would find her, having fun and being the real and kind girl who loved people and Camden so much.

10 years on, and it still feels like Amy Winehouse never left. Her energy, her music are in almost every corner of Camden. She is the face of it. Local people in Camden, who own the shops or live here, remember her as at generous and down to earth human being – no matter what she was going through.


Her very last public appearance was on 20 July 2011 in Roundhouse, Chalk Farm where she joined her goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, on the stage. On this day, as every year, fans come to Camden to celebrate Amy and keep her legacy alive. Amy Winehouse was and always will be the queen of Camden. She will be remembered forever, for being a remarkable artist, fashion icon and an idol who taught people to be honest and always themselves.

Amy Winehouse Kentish Town High Street
Amy Winehouse

If you are an Amy Winehouse fan or are more interested in her these are the places you should check out while visiting Camden!

30 Camden Square

This is the place where Amy Winehouse passed away in 2011. Since her passing fans tend to visit this street, leave flowers and notes across the road.

Camden Market and the statue

The famous life-size statue of Amy is very easy to be found in the heart of Camden itself. Not only fans but also tourists come here to take photos of it and walk around the market since it was her favourite place.

Hawley Arms and The Good Mixer

If Amy Winehouse would go to a pub in Camden, it would be Hawley Arms or The Good Mixer where you could find her playing pool. Amy’s fans love to visit both of these places since she spent a lot of her time there.

Jeffrey’s Place and Prowse Place

Both of these flats used belong to Amy until she passed. These locations are recognisable as Amy was regularly photographed here.

From all her fans, and the people of Camden Town: Amy, you are forever in our hearts.

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Camden Town gets a new Monarchy

A new pub opens in Camden Town, with a familiar name.

The Monarchy is a new pub and venue in Camden Town. It’s at the same location as a former pub, The Monarch.

The Monarchy pub in Camden has new owners and has been renovated. Music, sport, food and drink can be found here. Monarchy aims to position itself back into the heart of the community, promising a unique experience for both locals and beyond – at each visit.

The venue honours the history of the location, providing space of 200+ people for live music. The new technology, lighting, and décor makes this one of the coolest venues in London.

Visit them at 40-42 Chalk Farm Rd, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8BG

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Don’t forget your face mask!

The UK has loosened its rules regarding the restrictions, however there are still guidelines to follow.

Planning to travel on the London Underground, bus, train, or tram? Any TFL service requires you to wear a face mask. Don’t get caught out, you could be denied entry to the tube or bus, and even fined.

It will now be allowed to meet outdoors with more than 30 people, and the rule of six people inside has been dropped too.

Some supermarkets and shops will ask that a face mask be worn, for the safety of staff and other shoppers.

Planning on coming to Camden Town? If you will be in a bar or shop, it’s always better to wear a mask. Don’t forget, there is still a virus out there.

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Father’s Day at Camden Market

June 20th is Father’s Day in the UK. Camden Market is the perfect place to spend the day and pick up some gifts.

Camden Market has so many treats for a father: great food stalls and restaurants for a special lunch, shops for gifts like watches, clothes, CDs and vinyl, and so much more.

camden watch gmt

Camden’s bars and restaurants are open and taking bookings for Father’s Day – call up your favourite pub to make a booking.

It’s set to be a sunny Sunday, so treat the old man to a wonderful day out!

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Bubble Waffles: BubbleMania!

Ever walked out Camden Town Station, and to your right seen the Bubble Waffles on display and were tempted to join the queue?

They use a unique and handmade mix, which makes then the original and best Bubble Waffles in London. They started in Inverness Street Market in 2015, so you’ll recognise their friendly faces if you’re a regular visitor to Camden.

The team at BubbleMania has such a great selection of flavours. The Summer Berry and Oreo & Kinder bubble waffles are just two of the choices.

Fancy a Bubble Waffle? You can find them at 182 Camden High Street, near Electric Ballroom. Look out for the friendly faces and purple signage.

You can follow them on Instagram to get your taste buds all fired up!

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Pollution Absorbing Public Sculpture erected in Camden

Business partnership Euston Town is unveiling a climate change-inspired sculpture by artist and physicist Jasmine Pradissitto, on the renowned Camden People’s Theatre at the entrance of Drummond Street, Euston.

The innovative material NoxTek, which absorbs nitrogen dioxide from car fumes and transforms it into a harmless gas, signifies efforts to create a green, sustainable neighbourhood led by a community of independent businesses and residents. The installation is part of a wider scheme to reimagine the public realm with bespoke street furniture, new shop frontages and a creative shared garden space.

‘Breathe’ has been installed on the renovated Camden People’s Theatre and will represent the growing conversation around climate change while inviting people to consider its message of galvanising positive action and empowerment. It sits at the entrance to Drummond Street, which is seeing some major changes over the coming year including a reduction in car parking spaces to make room for colourful street furniture, and the creation of a shared garden space. The neighbourhood sits on the Euston Green Link, a walking route between Euston Station and Regents Park which avoids the pollution of Euston Road.

Jasmine Padissitto designed the sculpture in response to London’s pollution and its impact on our environment and climate. She teamed up with Alsitek who have given her exclusive use of their geopolymer NoxTek. The unique sculpture represents a multidisciplinary approach to climate solutions, combining art, creativity and discussion with science and engineering.

The wider regeneration of Drummond Street is being led by Euston Town and local traders as they adapt to a changing urban environment and develop their offer as a food destination. The profound message behind this sculpture will be complemented by a variety of green infrastructure within the neighbourhood, and a garden that will provide shade, biodiversity and a separation from the bustle of the area’s major physical transformation.

Drummond Street will be launching its new ‘streatery’ in June, as HS2 works pause and the road can be reopened, allowing customers to enjoy al fresco dining, the reduction of cars and a more green and pleasant environment. ‘Breathe’ will have vital significance as a creative representation of the journey our city’s neighbourhoods must make towards sustainability.

Euston Town business partnership commissioned ‘Breathe’ in 2019 as a part of its Euston Culture Strategy in partnership with MTArt Agency and Camden Council.

Georgie Street, head of projects at Euston Town BID said, “Jasmine’s work shows how public art can raise awareness, spark interesting discussions and give people a reason to explore new neighbourhoods. Our partnership with Camden People’s Theatre to introduce this piece is part of our vision for this corner of London – to celebrate its cultural offer, put it on the map for creativity and innovation, and support a unique collection of small businesses.” 

Jasmine Pradissito, artist and creator of Breathe said, “Breathe was inspired by our need to inhale, to breathe and to therefore experience a movement of air and freedom.  I’m delighted to see Breathe living amongst the beautiful John Nash architecture of North London, hopefully encouraging people to lift their heads, pause and take a moment to breathe it all in.” 

New work from Jasmine Pradissitto will be featured in Heart of the Matter, a group exhibition presented by Gillian Jason Gallery, opening virtually on 8 March 2021 on www.gillianjason.com. 
Kaya Money, director of Camden People’s Theatre said, “CPT always wants to engage with the things that matter to our communities, particularly the young creatives who make it such a special theatre. Climate change is such an overwhelming and urgent issue to our young people, and yet we see their proactive and hopeful responses through inspiring theatre, conversations and protest. This sculpture beautifully represents where art can meet the climate challenge and enable even more people to join the fight. We are proud to have such a profound piece on our building, as we set to reopen in a very different post-Covid world.”  

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A brand new restaurant in Camden opened its doors – and it’s ready to tease your tastebuds!

Smoky Corner, a new restaurant spot in Kentish Town, has opened – and means business. Beautifully decorated with a wine bar atmosphere, it’s a feast for the eyes and the soul. Whether you’re ordering for a family get-together, or crave a cheeky burger at the end of the day, they’ve got you covered.

The team at Smoky Corner are not your usual grill place – they took things to the next level. By using a Josper grill, a cutting-edge technology combined with the ancient Spanish cooking method of using covered fire pits, their meals have a primal and seductive taste.

Their selection of comforting, elevated burgers accompanied by hand-cut potato slices are a burger nirvana. Choose from beef, chicken, salmon, or a delicious vegan option to satisfy your foodie mood, and savour in their salad to add some freshness to your meal. Their dreamy lasagne with roast ham is sure to give you a high.

Smoky Corner also offer their delicious items in great value bundle deals, perfect for indoor meals to make your evenings more memorable while we keep soldiering through the pandemic.

To order food from Smoky Corner, visit them at Just Eat or find them on the Too Good To Go app to score some Earth-friendly goodness. Starting next week, you’ll be able to click and collect the food straight from the restaurant, with the option to get even better deals with a rewards card.

The restaurant is set to open for in-house meals as soon as the regulations allow it, complying with all safety regulations in place. With its comforting food in an environment that has a classy touch, it’s a great place for relaxed conversations at business meetings during the day or at a more intimate setting in the evening. It’s also the perfect opportunity for transitioning from the couch to the outside world. With their specially curated wine selection, the reunions with your favourite humans are sure to be special.

Article written by Martina Krajňáková.

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Drone footage of the Camden Highline route!

Camden Highline is coming! It’ll transform Camden to a New York style highline.

Plans to turn 1.2km of disused railway viaduct into a new elevated park are officially underway.

The Highline will begin at Camden Gardens, home to the pocket park and a 5 minute walk from Camden Town station & the iconic Camden Market. From there, the route proceeds to Camden Road, the widest part of the Highline at 18 metres. This section will be the perfect site for new community activity built into the project.

After this, the route continues for around 500 metres and crosses 3 bridges before arriving at Camley Street. Another 500 metres down and you reach York Way, the final entrance/exit point and a pleasant 5 minute stroll from King’s Cross.

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Happy Birthday Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was born on September 14th 1983. Today we remember the Queen of Camden.

Amy was born in Southgate, north London, to Janis and Mitch Winehouse. Her time on earth was one of creativity and excitement.

Amy got her first guitar when she was 14 after having played on her brother’s guitar. She first appeared on the scene in 2003 with her debut album, Frank.

Back to Black hit the shelves in 2006 and shot her to instant fame. Bigger concerts, a lot of radio play, and interest in her personal life followed.

Amy was regularly seen in Camden, where she lives. Restaurants, pubs such as The Hawley Arms and Dublin Castle were her regular spots to hang out.

On this day we say Happy birthday Amy – the Queen of Camden.

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