Band of Burgers: eat, drink, and be satisfied

Band of Burgers is all about great food, ambiance and the Camden vibe. Being in the heart of Camden has influenced their style and indeed the food as well.

At the restaurant you will get music, be able to create your own burger, and bring your own booze. They have premium Japanese Wagyu beef and also use Aberdeen Angus meat. People like burgers, so they have a menu that keeps things interesting, but you can still expect the classics.

Band of Burgers does a very tasty vegan burger which is proving to be very popular. Camden has more and more vegan restaurants and food options and proud to be a part of that. They also have 2 vegetarian burgers on the menu and regularly see non-vegetarians giving it a try.

band of burgers food

The customer can bring their own beer and wine to enjoy with the meal and there is no corkage fee to pay. Bring your own booze at its best!

Band of Burgers has quite a nice “build your own burger” option so those of you who are keen to get experimental with your burgers or customise it to suit your tastes.

The burgers are cooked over a charcoal grill which adds a nice bit of flavour, so overall the whole meal is appetising. The service from the staff and management is top class, so it’s good food in a vibrant setting. The food and atmosphere makes Band of Burgers a must visit.

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10 Things To Do In Camden this March

Marvellous March is here, a month of many musical events and magical moments in Camden Town.
  1. Burgers at Band of Burgers

It’s all in the name really: Band of Burgers on Camden High Street are all about burgers and drinks. Choose a standard burger from the menu, or you can even make your own. Their juices and smoothies are fantastic too.

band of burgers food

  1. Make Space Exhibition

A great initiative by Euston Town by using vacant spaces to host exhibitions and performances. Hope for Tomorrow is the first MAKE SPACE set in Regent Place’s ‘Whitebox.’ The exhibitions focus on current issues and identities.

Hamed Maiye, Afro Portraitism
  1. A new venue for live music

Music & Beans is a healthy food restaurant upstairs, with a wonderful music venue downstairs. They will be hosting an open mic night every Thursday evening from 7pm – 11pm. Free to get in. Just turn up to see some hot local talent perform to 82 Camden High Street.

music and beans basement

  1. Good Pub Grub

The Golden Lion is a very good find: a classic British pub with a new food menu. More than just pub this, this is on par with top notch restaurant food. A good selection of drinks will wash down the tasty meal.

Golden Lion front

  1. Will Brexit affect you?

Nobody quite knows what’s going on with Brexit. No, we’re not just talking about the politicians: many Camden locals might be affected. Learn more how it might affect you by attending an event on March 11th.

  1. Celebrate International Women’s Day

St Pancras and Searcys are celebrating this great day in style. The unique events will be held exclusively at the iconic London destination on Tuesday 12th and Saturday 23rd March in St Pancras’ by Searcys private dining room.

searcys drinks

  1. Things to do in the sunny weather

We’re hoping that it will be a sunny March, so in anticipation we’ve got an article together with the best places to stay cool and enjoy the sunshine. Pack your sunscreen.


  1. Events at Wellcome Collection

This rather amazing museum is on Euston Road and regularly has some curious and educational events. March 28th sees The Psychology of Magic and other events taking place.

The Evidence Wellcome

  1. KT Tunstall at Roundhouse

KT Tunstall still has all of her raw power and energy, many years after her debut album was released. The’s back on the road, this time playing at The Roundhouse on 25th March. It’s bound to be a belter.

Camden Roundhouse

  1. See music at Green Note Camden

No show in particular, we just really like this venue. Upstairs is large with a great atmosphere, downstairs is quite intimate but we’ve seen incredible acts play here. Just pop in and be surprised by one of Camden’s finest music venues.

Green Note Camden

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Open a shop at Camden Market

Camden Market is known to be one of the world’s biggest and most diverse markets. How would you like to be a stall or shop owner in the famous market?

­Camden Market likes to have the market for traders who create original products and have Camden as their central location. A market stall is the perfect opportunity to get your business off the ground.

How about a larger shop, or a restaurant / café? The market is always looking for people with something fresh, something unique to bring to Camden Town.

A pop-up shop is a great short-term solution to have a sale or promote your brand. Don’t forget, Camden has plenty of visitors each day!

Camden Market World Cup

If you’d like to get a space to call your own you can certainly do so.

Contact Camden Market for shop availability

Camden is full of locals and visitors enjoying their time visiting places with culture, shops, music venues, and one of the UK best food markets too.

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It’s 2 Minutes From Euston Station. Is It Better Than Brick Lane?

Drummond Street is London’s most famous restaurant street, in particular Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants. We went for lunch, took some photos, and had a look around. It’s been said that it’s “Better than Brick Lane”, so we put it to the test.

Drummond Street is a 2 minute walk from Euston station, and as you enter the street you’re greeted by the incredible Indian Spice shop. They opened in 1981 and the owner, Harish, is delighted to tell people which ingredients they need to make their own Indian foods. For those of you handy in the kitchen, this is a must visit. Take a look at the Drummond Street website.

For lunch we quite fancied some Indian food, which on a hot day didn’t seem like the best idea at first. We went to Diwana Bhel Phoori House, the UK’s first vegetarian Indian restaurant, and they had a beautiful looking buffet set out. For those who work in the area, not only do they get an extremely tasty meal, you can arrive eat all you can, and be out in just a few minutes. The food was spectacular.

Drummond Street Curry

Ravi Shankar, and the famous Chutney’s, along with the other restaurants, offer a weekly lunchtime buffet.

Ravi Shankar Drummond Street
Ravi Shankar vegetarian restaurant on Drummond Street

To finish off the visit we went to Ambala, the well-known Indian sweet shop and saw their huge selection of traditional Indian sweets. Fortunately, their staff explained to us the different flavours and types, so we of course choose the one with the coolest name and prettiest colour… and took a few with us for the week too.

We heard the laughter coming from Brizzi’s Italian restaurant, so dipped in to get a coffee. The wonderful and flamboyant Mr Brizzi himself made one of the best (and cheapest!) cups of coffee we’ve ever had, and showed us the downstairs restaurant. What a gem of a place! He’s been there since 1984, and his regular customers include Bono and Diego Maradona.

The shop that caught our attention, Bio-Organix, sells health products and supplements. Healthy tea, natural products to keep us in shape. What a great store. The owner is also happy to advise on healthy living.

Bio Organix Drummond Street
Bio Organix in Drummond Street

To put it simply, Drummond Street has the best Indian food in London. It’s historic and the restaurants keep to the original recipes – many of these restaurants still have the same chefs from many decades ago.

See more about the restaurants on shops on Drummond Street.

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