10 Things To Do In Camden this July

Camden Town has had a few hot days, and things will be heating up even more this July. Looking for things to do? We’ve got a few top choices for you.
  1. Near & Far Camden

A new opening, a beautiful new interior, and late night cocktails and dancing. Get on the roof terrace, order some Mexican street food, and party the night away.

near and far terrace

  1. Live Music at The Good Mixer

The Good Mixer has so much musical history, some of the UK’s biggest bands cut their teeth here. See the next big thing every Thursday and Sunday, enjoy the vibe and live music.

Good mixer new photo


  1. Get to Solomon’s Yard

It has reopened and is better than ever. Music, food, entertainment in a beautiful setting. Probably the widest street food selection in the UK!

Solomons Yard

  1. Hip hop and Jazz Café

UK heavyweights The Four Owls bring their live show to the Jazz Café in Camden. Friday 26th July – it’s going to be epic.

  1. Laughing is good for the soul

Good Ship Comedy at Colonel Fawcett is bound to guarantee a laugh. Every Monday night, £5 in advance, get drinks and enjoy a giggle.

  1. Backyard Cinema

Roundhouse is a must-visit venue, not only for the music, but for their other events too. Backyard Cinema will be showing The Greatest Showman, Bohemian Rhapsody, Dumbo, A Star Is Born, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman and more.

  1. Amazing Indian food

Ravi Shankhar vegetarian Indian restaurant on Drummond Street has a long history, and their menu hasn’t changed one bit in all this time, making it still one of the UK’s best Indian restaurants. Highly recommended.

Ravi Shankar Drummond Street
Ravi Shankar vegetarian restaurant on Drummond Street
  1. Join a gym in Camden

Suns out, guns out! Well, you need the guns first. How about joining a gym in Camden to shape up? See our top 5 gyms in Camden here.

  1. Get your rave on

Party summer season is here, the raves are getting ready. So, the perfect time to visit Cyberdog, right? It’s not just for tourists, it’s for those who like to make a statement.

Cyberdog shirt

  1. Birdcage Cabaret

The Birdcage Cabaret at FEST Camden starts on July 15th, and is sure to get hot. Burlesque, comedy, drag, circus and magic.

birdcage cabaret

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New live music venue in Camden Town

Camden Town has a rich history of supporting and hosting some of the biggest and most exciting local and international live music acts. We’re excited that there’s a new venue, and it’s the perfect fit to the area.

Along Camden High Street you might have noticed the café named Music & Beans, at number 82 Camden High Street to be precise. They serve healthy food and drinks upstairs, but the real surprise is when you go downstairs.

music and beans performer

The music venue downstairs has seen some excellent live music, we’ve been a few times already and seen singer / songwriters, acoustic guitarists and even violin players. In conjunction with Gigappy they regularly put on events, including Live Music every Friday night from 7.30 pm with FREE entry (first come first serve).

The venue can be reached by getting to the Music & Beans main entrance and then going downstairs. They even sell acoustic guitars and accessories like guitar strings upstairs.

music and beans stage

They have good performers, a great sound system and the perfect space for small live concerts. We’ve been impressed by the drinks they serve and you can also order some Mediterranean food while you enjoy the performances.

Get down to Music and Beans and enjoy the show! If you want to learn more about their upcoming events you can do it here.

music and beans outside

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Open a shop at Camden Market

Camden Market is known to be one of the world’s biggest and most diverse markets. How would you like to be a stall or shop owner in the famous market?

­Camden Market likes to have the market for traders who create original products and have Camden as their central location. A market stall is the perfect opportunity to get your business off the ground.

How about a larger shop, or a restaurant / café? The market is always looking for people with something fresh, something unique to bring to Camden Town.

A pop-up shop is a great short-term solution to have a sale or promote your brand. Don’t forget, Camden has plenty of visitors each day!

Camden Market World Cup

If you’d like to get a space to call your own you can certainly do so.

Contact Camden Market for shop availability

Camden is full of locals and visitors enjoying their time visiting places with culture, shops, music venues, and one of the UK best food markets too.

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It’s 2 Minutes From Euston Station. Is It Better Than Brick Lane?

Drummond Street is London’s most famous restaurant street, in particular Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants. We went for lunch, took some photos, and had a look around. It’s been said that it’s “Better than Brick Lane”, so we put it to the test.

Drummond Street is a 2 minute walk from Euston station, and as you enter the street you’re greeted by the incredible Indian Spice shop. They opened in 1981 and the owner, Harish, is delighted to tell people which ingredients they need to make their own Indian foods. For those of you handy in the kitchen, this is a must visit. Take a look at the Drummond Street website.

For lunch we quite fancied some Indian food, which on a hot day didn’t seem like the best idea at first. We went to Diwana Bhel Phoori House, the UK’s first vegetarian Indian restaurant, and they had a beautiful looking buffet set out. For those who work in the area, not only do they get an extremely tasty meal, you can arrive eat all you can, and be out in just a few minutes. The food was spectacular.

Drummond Street Curry

Ravi Shankar, and the famous Chutney’s, along with the other restaurants, offer a weekly lunchtime buffet.

Ravi Shankar Drummond Street
Ravi Shankar vegetarian restaurant on Drummond Street

To finish off the visit we went to Ambala, the well-known Indian sweet shop and saw their huge selection of traditional Indian sweets. Fortunately, their staff explained to us the different flavours and types, so we of course choose the one with the coolest name and prettiest colour… and took a few with us for the week too.

We heard the laughter coming from Brizzi’s Italian restaurant, so dipped in to get a coffee. The wonderful and flamboyant Mr Brizzi himself made one of the best (and cheapest!) cups of coffee we’ve ever had, and showed us the downstairs restaurant. What a gem of a place! He’s been there since 1984, and his regular customers include Bono and Diego Maradona.

The shop that caught our attention, Bio-Organix, sells health products and supplements. Healthy tea, natural products to keep us in shape. What a great store. The owner is also happy to advise on healthy living.

Bio Organix Drummond Street
Bio Organix in Drummond Street

To put it simply, Drummond Street has the best Indian food in London. It’s historic and the restaurants keep to the original recipes – many of these restaurants still have the same chefs from many decades ago.

See more about the restaurants on shops on Drummond Street.

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