Lord’s is the home of cricket. History, glamour, intensity, roaring crowds. Not right now, though, due to the COVID-19 lock-down.

Karl McDermott is the groundsman at Lord’s Cricket Ground. That in itself is a cool job. He is allowed to pass through gates of Lord’s to take care of the ground. By the photos he’s posting on his Twitter account, he’s having a jolly old time.

The square and the outfield take a lot of work to keep in shape, and with isolation in place Karl does the cutting and the cleaning up of the grass. He’s working as hard as ever, and his young family live with him in the grounds. That’s right, he lives at the Home of Cricket!

Take a look at these amazing photos that he’s posted.


Anyone for cricket? Hang on in there a little bit longer and you’ll soon be witnessing the wood striking the leather.

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