As you head out of Mornington Crescent station up Camden Road you’ll notice a historical statue on the traffic island. Ever wondered who it is?

The statue is of Richard Cobden. Richard Cobden, MP, led the effective fight for the repeal of the Corn Laws in the 1840s. The statue was erected by public subscription 3 years after his death; inscription records that Napoleon III was the principal contributor, for Cobden had been contributory in establishing a free trade agreement with France in 1860.


It’s made from Sicilian marble and was sculpted in by W. and T. Wills. The sculpture was presented to the Vestry of St. Pancras in June 1868. The statue was briefly removed and cleaned in 2015 to coincide with the new pedestrianized space.


Next time you walk past, take notice, it’s a historical and also remember that this statue is Grade II listed.

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