The flavours in Camden and Kentish Town are very wide spread, from Italian, Japanese, Spanish, French, Argentinian, Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, and even the trustworthy fish ‘n chips. As huge fans of ramen we were delighted to try a new ramen restaurant in town.

Ramo Ramen is located on Kentish Town Road and shares ownership with Bintang further down the road. Their menu is short and to the point with dumplings, fried vegetables and meat, and ramen.

The ramen is right up there, full of flavour and filling. It’s well-presented and a good portion. Their bubble tea is simply spectacular!

There are finer details that need to be addressed – the very friendly waiter was by himself, so didn’t notice that there were no serviettes or not enough soup spoons, the noodles weren’t quite perfectly prepared, and a few people asking for the bill numerous times.

Is it worth going to once to try it out? Most certainly, the ramen here is delicious. Is it worth going back regularly? Probably not, until a few creases are ironed out.

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