Sheep, humans, lizards, and penguins have very few things in common. One thing that is common is they all engage in homosexual behaviour. More than 1500 species follow this, so it’s certainly not ‘against the norm.’

Being queer was seen, and is still seen by many, as being different. The one hour stand-up comedy called ‘Queer By Nature’ was written by a woman, Florence, who has a biochemistry degree and is bisexual, to see if other animals out there are like her. She investigated the science behind her identity.

Sex is not just for reproduction (as was the thinking of the olden times), and sex with a partner of the same sex is normal behaviour for many.

See the comedy show, with a lot of laughs, facts, and plenty of cheekiness. It will be held at the Vagina Museum in Camden Market.

The event has been postponed, but you can still buy your tickets here.

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