This Independence Day (Thursday 4th July) we’re celebrating Five Guys’ sixth anniversary in the UK by not only offering free delivery on all Five Guys orders, but also revealing how different regions of the UK personalise the most popular dish on  Deliveroo – the Five Guys burger!

This Independence Day, Deliveroo is taking a moment to appreciate the most popular American dish ordered on the platform: the burger.

But it turns out, for such a traditional dish, there are thousands of options when it comes to personalising it.  This week, Deliveroo is teaming up with Five Guys to reveal the different ways in which burger lovers around the country are adding their own spin on the classic bun and patty combination.

five guys kitchen

The most popular Five Guys burger in the UK right now is the Bacon Cheeseburger – but with thousands of combinations of ingredients on offer, freshly prepared and cooked to order, what about the regional preferences?  Burger-loving Brummies are 3X more likely to order an extra patty in their bun, whereas people in Edinburgh are the most likely to go bunless, instead opting for a lettuce wrap.  Glaswegians will add the most toppings (on average, 8), but when it comes to pickles – the people of York are adding the most. 

Getting saucy:

When it comes to condiments, London, Bristol, Cambridge and Newcastle are the cities who like to mix their sauces – the most popular combination being ketchup and mayo.  Liverpudlians like to add a BBQ kick to their ketchup, Londoners like to add mayo and hot sauce and Brighton are often adding ketchup to their mustard.  But some cities keep it simple; Edinburgh is loyal to the trusty mustard, Oxford stays with mayo and Swansea can’t get enough of BBQ sauce.

Who can handle the heat?  The list of cities who add hot sauce to the most orders:

  1. London (Londoners are 6x as likely to add hot sauce to their burgers)
  2. Birmingham
  3. Aberdeen
  4. Liverpool
  5. Brighton

Who goes bunless?  The cities most likely to trade the bread for the light lettuce wrap on the Deliveroo app:

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Colchester
  3. Bristol
  4. Cambridge
  5. York

The superfans – the Deliveroo areas that order the most Five Guys of all:

  1. Cambridge (city with the most customers who order Five Guys on Deliveroo twice a day!)
  2. Oxford
  3. Brighton
  4. London
  5. Swansea

Shake it off: These cities are the biggest fans of the Five Guys freshly blended shakes, and with over 1,000 possible combinations to be had, here are some of the most creative serves:

  1. Newcastle loves a Cherry, Vanilla, Peanut Butter and Bacon
  2. Chelmsford have a taste for Vanilla, Bacon and Strawberry
  3. Brighton adds a Coffee kick to a fruity Cherry Shake
  4. Glasgow guzzles Chocolate, Vanilla, Salted Caramel – don’t forget the Oreo Pieces
  5. Bristol goes neopolitan with a Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate mix

Head over to Deliveroo to order your Five Guys burger.

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