London Underground will be getting full 4G access in the mid-2020s.

As the human race continues to decline in social ability, Transport for London has announced that in a few years there will be a full 4G network on the London Underground. This means that commuters will have access to Wi-Fi network and be able to receive and make phone calls.

Although this will be useful to some, it’s sure to be a nuisance to many others. You know that Bob the salesman will be looking to close a deal while you’re trying to sneak in a few extra minutes’ sleep as he sits next to you, or Shirley telling her friend Madge about her recent pottery class.

Still, at least we can browse Facebook and Instagram when we like, without having to wait until we reach a station with Wi-Fi connectivity.

phone meeting

Don’t forget to talk to strangers though, they can be some of the most interesting people you’ll meet.

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