The Royal Academy of Arts has announced that a new artwork by Tracey Emin will be unveiled at St Pancras International on the morning of Tuesday, 10 April 2018.

The new piece by Emin, entitled I Want My Time With You, is a 20-meter-long artwork that will be suspended above the Grand Terrace in front of the famous DENT London clock. It will hang on wires from the station’s stunning Barlow shed roof. The roof itself is Grade 1 listed, and even after its construction in 1868 is still considered to be a great achievement in structural design. It contrasts nicely between the new artwork, and the historic background.

Tracey Emin said: “I cannot think of anything more romantic than being met by someone I love at a train station and as they put their arms around me, I hear them say ‘I want my time with you.’ It is also a statement that reaches out to everybody from Europe arriving in to London.”

Eurostar St Pancras International

Terrace Wires is St Pancras International’s programme for public art, offering over 50 million visitors each year the opportunity to experience the latest and most thought-provoking art situated in the station. The partnership is between the Royal Academy of Arts and HS1 Ltd, who own St Pancras International.

The new piece will remain on display until the end of 2018. If you’re in the area, do make a trip down to the stunning St Pancras International station to see it for yourself. If you are coming to visit on the train or Eurostar, be sure to absorb the brilliance of the new display at the station.

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