Duffys Quips, a small T-shirt enterprise run by three generations of women from one family, are more than excited to announce the opening of their new shop in Camden Market.

To add to that, they have also launched a national campaign to help women, and those Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB), to get better support with, and to raise awareness of, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).

Duffys Quips have announced the opening of their own unit in the world-famous Camden Market, in London, on Saturday 19 February 2022.

Visit the shop at:

Threddy’s: Unit 99b, The Stables Market, NW1 8AH

By producing fashionable, affordable, ethical Tees they get to raise awareness on topics that are not only important to themselves, but  very close to their hearts. they get to work together as a family and raise money for important campaign organisations! Plus, they get to flex their creative muscles along the way. They are extremely passionate about their small new enterprise and really hope that you enjoy wearing some of their designs.

See more of the merchandise that’s sold on their website at www.duffysquips.com

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