Camden Watch Company is our favourite brand of watch, for obvious reasons. They’ve just announced something new!

Their Camden Watch Company No.27 Midnight Edition is now available for pre-order. It is inspired by the subtle shades and tints that appear at dusk; the blue-black hues of the sky, the last golden rays of sun turning everything a beautiful pink. So whether you’re just going out, or already coming home, the No.27 Midnight edition might just be the perfect companion, a unique and surprising juxtaposition of colours that somehow just perfectly fit together.

Pre-order the No.27 Midnight Edition

The Camden Watch Company is an independent British brand designed in the heart of Camden. They take inspiration from Camden and The City of London to creative truly unique, exciting designs.

Camden Town is home to many businesses in the world of art and design. Camden Market is famous for a long history of brands who’ve started out small and become a success story in the business world.

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