When we heard about this exhibition called SCOOP, we wiped our sweaty brow and dreamed of having a lick of cold flavours. We headed down and left satisfied.

SCOOP is a new exhibition held at the Gasholder in Kings Cross in their new presentation space. As you walk in you’ll be greeted by a fine elderly gentleman briefly introducing the history of ice cream making, then into a fridge. Yes, a group of people stand in an ice cold fridge to read about the early days of ice cream making.

Scoop Header

Fortunately, the whole exhibition isn’t just the fridge, visitors get to go to a larger room to see a large collection of ice cream paraphernalia and to learn more about Agness B. Marshall, AKA the Queen of Ices. A penny lick is a small glass cup that people used to lick ice cream out of when they purchased it. They returned it to the vendor, only to put another scoop in and pass it to the next customer – without washing it.

To get hands on, visitors get to make their own ice cream too – add the ice, a pinch of salt, and some cream, and shake to your heart’s content for 3 minutes. There you go, you’re now a maker of ice cream.

Near the end there’s an interesting room where, as you put on an electronic device on your head, eat a scoop of ice cream and see your brainwaves as you react to the taste and pleasure of the taste and experience.

Scoop Room

Lastly, they have glow-in-the-dark ice cream (yes, really) which tastes great and is also a bit freaky to look at.

An excellent day out, especially on a hot day, and the kids will love it. It takes place from July 3rd – September 30th 2018. Get tickets here.

You can buy an ice cream on the way out, or as we did, visited our favourite ice cream parlour in the area, Ruby Violet.

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