It’s not often that a business name perfectly describes what it offers, however Healthy Hit in Camden summaries what they do perfectly.

A hit of health, that’s it right there. Smoothies and food made for those who like health and flavour. The queue at Healthy Hit in Camden Market was full of people looking for exactly that, smoothie that’s filling and tasty. The owner of healthy hit say that their smoothies are high in protein and full of flavour, so much less sugar (only natural sugars) than supermarket smoothies.

Because of the added protein they are filling too, giving a new meaning to the term ‘liquid lunch.’

One of their most popular smoothies is the Açaí Smoothie. Their video of the making of the smoothie has got us feeling thirsty and feeling healthy just watching it! Take a look below.

Healthy Hit can be found at Units 601 – 602 in the Stables Market, and on 13 Camden High Street.


They’re so good even Popeye might consider moving away from his spinach to an Açaí Smoothie. Enjoy!

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