Nothing beats a good old Mac and Cheese. You’d think it’s quick and easy to make, which it is, but the team from The Mac Factory have added their own touch.

The Mac Factory, located in the KERB street food market in Camden Town, don’t make just a standard macaroni and cheese, they have a few tricks up their sleeve, like sprinkling on our signature Sourdough based “Parmesan and thyme crumble” which tops it off perfectly.

They get experimental, but in a good way, by adding ingredients like mushrooms and truffle oil in their Super Mario offering, or lobster poached in garlic and parsley butter in their Lobster Mac.

Honestly, it’s quite insane that macaroni and cheese can taste so good. You know that stuff your mum had been making for years? It’s time to tell her that she needs to up her game: The Mac Factory in the Camden Lock Market has just raised the game.



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