The new Buck Street Market in Camden Town is all about a few simple concepts: sustainability, choice, and having a pleasant experience.

Buck Street Market has been created with the environmentally conscious consumer in mind. There are 26 sustainable restaurants and food stalls, serving some of the tastiest food you’ll find anywhere in London. All of the restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian options.

There are over 50 ethical fashion traders too. Buck Street Market has trendy and modern fashion designs; you can spend a whole day browsing through the choice of fashion at the market.


The market is created from recycled shipping containers, hence some people calling it the Shipping Container Market, which looks fun, is practical, and environmentally friendly.

Importantly, Buck Street Market has a zero single-use plastic policy. This means no plastic cutlery, straws, plates, bags, and so on. It’s all biodegradable.

Recycling points can be found all over the market, making it easy for all visitors to keep the market clean but to have the recycled goods reused in the future. Even the food waste will be composted to generate energy.

Why all this? The mind-set of people has drastically changed over the past few years with many wanting to contribute towards saving the environment. Buck Street Market is the place where every aspect of sustainability has been considered, so visitors can have an amazing experience with environmental issues in mind.

Buck Street Market is located at 180-188 Camden High Street, Camden Town, London NW1

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