For those of you who use Mornington Crescent station as your exit in the mornings, you might have noticed a new health food shop across the road from Koko. We were curious about it and had a look around.

Healthy Hit has been set up by health fanatic Rony, and they have created a delicious and healthy menu with the help of a nutritionist. They know that many people working in or visiting Camden might not have time for a sit-down lunch, or might be in the habit of buying a quick sandwich from a supermarket.


The idea is that most people have a relatively unhealthy lunch, and the energy and performance levels of most people drop dramatically because of poor health values. By using recipes put together by a nutritionist and ingredients from particular suppliers, the sandwiches from Healthy Hit are lighter but just as filling, which reduces post-lunch fatigue. In fact, their sandwiches also have around three-times the amount of protein in them than a regular supermarket sandwich!

The fresh cupcakes from Healthy Hit look gorgeous, but they’re not stuffed with sugar. Finally, eating cupcake and no guilty feelings!

Their coffee is unique, using premium beans, and the bean of the moment changes regularly. Each bean has a special taste and a story behind it – the week we visited the bean was from Nepal, where it’s the bean grown at the highest altitude in the world.

healthy hit coffee

Why do they like Camden? They say that the people who are in Camden are full of energy, health conscious, and are friendly and welcoming. This is a perfect fit, then, as the service from the staff at Healthy Hit is second-to-none.  If you are needing a quick and healthy lunch, Healthy Hit I highly recommended. They are happy to suggest which smoothie combination you should try, which sandwich will suit your tastes, and prepare a coffee that’s simply a cut above the rest.

healthy hit shop

Look out for Healthy Hit on 13 Camden High Street, or in the Camden Market itself. The only question is which smoothie to try next! Possibly the Açaí, Orange, Ginger, Banana, Nectarine, Protein, Magnesium combination.

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