Game of Thrones has come to an end. For many this will leave an empty hole in their hearts, surely something needs to fill the void? How about hanging out with friends in Camden and reminiscing over the past seasons of the series? Here are some places to visit with a unique setting…
The Devonshire Arms

A place with attitude that could be from a different century. Expect good rock / metal music and an atmosphere you don’t get from any other pub.

devonshire arms roy

World’s End Camden

It’s huge, and with the high ceilings and dark flooring it could very easily be a setting for Game of Thrones. Try the mezzanine for a good top view.

worlds end

Music & Beans

Their music venue downstairs is unique, in fact quite surprising. Look out for their music performance evenings to get a seat in this wonderful, almost ancient location.

music and beans basement

Camden Stables Market

There’s so much history here, the whole of the market could have been used to film most scenes. The food is way better and much more choice in the series, so enjoy!

Camden Lock bridge

Hampstead Heath

On a sunny day heat up to the Heath. Wide open spaces, fields, hills, trees. Just watch out for the approaching armies from the noble dynasties.

Monty Python Heath
A scene filmed on Hampstead Heath from Monty Python
Drummond Street

This street has a lot of history and flavours, from the vegetarian Indian and Bangladeshi food to the traditional Asian sweet shops. Some of the restaurants have wooden tables that you could find in a scene from a public drinking house in Game of Thrones.

Ravi Shankar Drummond Street
Ravi Shankar vegetarian restaurant on Drummond Street
The British Museum

You could spend a whole day here commenting about the shocking end to the series, while enjoying some truly ancient displays in the museum. It’s in the Borough of Camden, and always an absorbing visit.

british museum old

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