One of Camden’s favourite music venues, The Fiddler’s Elbow, is asking locals to help it out. The venue hopes to be able to reopen after the lock-down.

Their statement reads:

“Our venue faces closure because of the effects that COVID-19 will have on our small independent business. Like many others, we will need all the financial help we can get to continue to provide London and the local community with live music events, which we have been doing for over 40 years.”

“We operate on the tiniest of margins and with rent and outgoings on the property in Camden being so high we’re worried about our future due to the Covid-19 crisis. We’ve calculated that our monthly expenditure on rent, wages, utilities and all the other demands small businesses are faced with, will be far more than we can pay in relation to the business’s takings. This is because when lock-down is lifted, it will take a long time for us to be able to open fully and operate at a level that will meet our monthly outgoings over the coming year and beyond. Operating a small music venue and adhering to the government guidelines of social distancing will be impossible.”

“We will need financial support until people are safe and content with mixing close together, however long that may be.”

“If we do not secure the financial support we need, then The Fiddler’s Elbow will close and become a block of flats. Very sad, but true.”

“Your donations will be used to help us keep hold of our business, support our staff and sound engineers who are currently out of work, and leave us in a position where we will be able to survive the troubled months we have ahead of us and therefore continue to provide musicians and music lovers a place to come and enjoy live music.”

“If we hit our target, and we can prevent the closure of our venue, everything above the amount we need will be donated to the Music Venue Trust GMV Crisis Fund to protect other venues just like ours, right across the country.”

Click HERE to donate.

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