A new nightclub, bar, and restaurant is to open in Camden’s Stables Market. FEST Camden is the new place to be.

The former horse hospital used to be the location of Proud Camden. It’s received an update and a revamp – the results are stunning. The venue will offer live music, craft beers and great cocktails, street food and pizza, making FEST Camden the ultimate party destination in London.

FEST consists of four areas: The Stables, The Bird Cage, The Club Room and the Roof Terrace.

FEST club

The Stables is situated along the sides of the main hallway, with booths of different themes.

The Bird Cage is the main restaurant and cabaret room with a fine dinner and drinks experience on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Club Room is the main party space with DJs, weekly club nights. This room has a history of welcoming live music and providing one of the best parties in London.

FEST Stables

The Terrace at the back has excellent views and is the perfect spot to have a drink, some food, and enjoy acoustic entertainment.

To see more visit www.festcamden.com


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