F45 Training Camden is likely London’s most comprehensive fitness centre. Their workouts will leave you sweating and gasping for air, but you’ll see the body change in very quick time.

The training focuses on burning away body fat and raising your metabolism so you can burn the highest amount of calories possible. Utilising body weight exercises and functional equipment such as sledge hammers, sandbags, medicine balls and battle ropes, combined with short, sharp rest periods, their workouts are designed to sculpt the body and make the most of your time in the studio.

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The workouts change every single day (so you never repeat a workout and never get bored!) and all workout programmes are designed with the goal of dropping weight and body fat percentage whilst holding on to as much muscle as possible, leaving you looking toned and defined.

At F45 Training Camden you’ll get a personal custom meal plan, a personal shopping list, food preparation instructions, a dedicated personal trainer for four weeks to encourage and guide you, workouts to tone your body, and much more. It’s all in their modern 3,500sq ft luxury studio.

They even have a protein bar to help muscle recovery and building after a heavy workout session!

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No excuses, time to get fit!

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See more on F45 Camden and their fitness space here.

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