The exhibition celebrates the cultural impact of electronic dance music in modern day culture, from the very beginning of experimenting with electronic devices up until the modern day. It’s at the Design Museum in west London.

The impressive tour starts with early instruments, with the timeline starting back in 1901 with the experimentation of electricity and voltages to generate sound, until you see the display of the instruments that Daphne Oram of BBC Radiophonic Workshop used for music and sound design.

Experience the music equipment used by the pioneers, by Moog, Roland, Prophet, Korg, and many more – from synths to drum machines.

Immerse yourself in the Jean-Michel Jarre studio setup to be inspired and educated how the great master works.

Rave flyers from New York, Chicago, Berlin, London and Detroit acts as a reminder of the culture that dance music had, and continues to have. The cleverly designer flyers, along with posters and vinyl covers are out on display. Magazine covers too are a reminder of the scene and how clubbers set a part of the popular street scene.

Just a few of the many iconic album covers

Plug in your headphones to listen to some classic tracks, from Coldcut to Bicep, and then move on to the more visual aspect with more album covers, and props and costumes from music videos.

The last experience is in the dark room, with Chemical Brothers’ AV display of ‘Got to Keep On.’ It shows the incredible costumes designed by Kate Tabor, with Chemical Brothers commenting on how design and movement plays an integral part in their music videos and live performance.

Chemical Brothers – costumes from shows and music vidoes

Overall this is an informative, intriguing, and fun exhibition. For any electronic music fan this is a must. Should you? As the classic Moby dance tune is named… “Go!”

Note: during lockdown the exhibition is available as a Virtual Tour until February 14th 2021. To book your tickets click here.

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