San Francisco has become one of the first cities to ban e-cigarettes from being used. This also includes the sale of e-cigarettes and online sales into San Francisco.

This is due to the lack of testing – no actual research exists to prove that it’s healthier than regular tobacco cigarettes. Sure, they smell nicer, but is it healthier?

Some Camden residents have said they support this idea for the Camden area, to regulate sales and ensure the legality and quality of e-cigarettes purchased.

Vaping – good or bad?

It’s illegal to buy in San Francisco and for online retailers to deliver e-cigarettes to San Francisco. Will this be a good idea for Camden Town, and for the rest of London?

Once there has been sufficient testing and proof, perhaps it’s a good idea to ban them? Head to our Facebook page and let us know what you think. We sure won’t miss those huge puffs of strawberry smelling white clouds as we walk down the high street.

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