5 questions with Ed Surname about the film that's never been done before.

1. What's so different about your film?

I'm a comedian and I filmed my life 24/7 for 20 years whilst following my dreams in comedy. The thousands of tapes have been made into the film Unsolicited Material which is nominated for 4 film awards and is showing at the Camden Fringe.

2. Come on, surely it's a mockumentary...

No, it' real. But people assume it isn't because who would be crazy enough to do it? The answer is me, Ed Surname. But although it’s real life, it’s been edited with comic timing and also serves as a satire on show business.

3. So it's a real life comedy?

It's a real-life tragicomedy. It’s about what its like to follow your dreams in comedy. 50% funny, 50% serious exploration of why comedians sacrifice their lives to make strangers laugh. It explores the mask that the comedian wears for his public persona, looking inside the mind of a comedian in a way no other film could ever do. It tackles the illusion of fame in our society, the role of money in happiness and the personal cost of pursuing artistic ambition. But comedy is the backdrop: the real focus is on finding out if following your dreams the meaning of life or an unrealistic waste of time.

4. What about the funny bits?

Search YouTube for the trailer, 'Ed Surname Unsolicited Material Trailer', or watch below:

5. How can we watch the film?

It's on at The Etcetera Theatre in Camden on Fri Aug 12, Sat Aug 13 and Sun Aug 14 at noon. Get tickets from 020 7482 4857 or here.

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