The 2017 DMC World Championships took place early October at KOKO, the music venue near Mornington Crescent in Camden Town. The DMC World Championships if the ultimate competition for turntablists to show off their mixing and scratching skills.

The DMC World Championships started in 1985 and was won by Londoner Roger Johnson. Since then, with technology and competition increasing, the performances are at a higher level than ever before.

Turntablist legends like London Posse, Matman, Tigerstyle, Prime Cuts, Cutmaster Swift, DJ Woody, Mr Switch, DJ Blakey, DJ Muzzell, Ritchie Ruftone and others took to the stage, with a whole host of participants fighting for the title.

1st place went to DJ Rena, a 12 year old from Japan, who despite his age showed the skills, rhythm, technique and style to tape the top spot. Runner up was DJ Skillz from France, and third place to DJ Spell.

Watch the amazing performance by DJ Rena below:

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