Cyberdog in Camden Town is one of the most unique shops in Camden Market.

Cyberdog has been located in Camden Market for many years. They started off in Camden Market in 1994 when the owners, Terry Davy and Spiros Vlahos, had a stall in Camden. The name came from their dog which they called “Chichi the Cyberdog.”

The building that they are in now has a rich history, and was used by The Clash as a large living space and rehearsal space.

The shop stocks a wide choice of rave clothing – all shapes and colours, designs with flashing light. Everything from the beautiful to the extreme.

Cyberdog is a leader in design, they do not follow trends. They invent. Their designs can be quite outlandish!

You will be greeted at the entrance by two huge cyborgs, then the loud electronic dance music with dancers on the balcony. Down the escalator you’re exposed to the vast ground floor with rave fashion galore.

The Cyberdog store is usually quite busy with visitors, many just there to experience the Cyberdog culture. For those who want something to wear on a club night out, you’re in heaven. They have fun and interesting gift ideas, to add something quirky to your shopping selection.

It’s is a wonderful shop in Camden Town. Visit the shop or buy from them online.

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