The government has given the green light for construction of HS2 to begin, despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The minister of HS2, Andrew Stephenson, said: “We cannot delay work on our long-term plan to level up the country.”

The government’s official report said that the cost will total over £100 billion, and will run over 5 years late. The construction workers will need to adhere to the safety and social distancing rules while construction is under way.

Photo by HS2

HS2 will join London to Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Wigan, Crewe, and an East Midlands Hub. Yes, it will be easier for people out of London to get on a train and visit London, head to Camden Town to see the markets, however the timing of events is questionable.

Considering the epidemic, many people are questioning if this is the right decision, possibly putting the lives of the workers at risk. Is it worth the economic risk at this stage? HS2 seems to think so.

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